Arcoiris {Classroom Resources}

Imagine if you had all you need to teach your 4 - 6 year olds, in Spanish or English, at the click of a button!


Arcoiris was created to give bilingual teachers of 4-6 years olds an easy place to go to find the resources they need all organized by subject and language.

Is this a curriculum?

No, this is not a curriculum.  It is a resource area that will give you all the tools to build your own curriculum.

What's inside Arcoiris?

Take a peek at the sections HERE

Are you a Preschool or Kindergarten Spanish teacher who wants your life back?

You’re tired of spending your free time searching Pinterest, then having to modify everything to make those cute ideas work in Spanish.  Can't anybody just make those same fun, adorable resources for you?  You need Spanish, but an English version would be great too.  Imagine though, a bilingual version of labels and vocabulary to use at home.  That would be way too much to ask...

Until now.  You see, in my Spanglish teaching world, I use Spanish with my children, English with my Colombian students, and have bilingual resources filling my home so everyone can understand.

I know the need for all three versions, and that is why I packaged them all together in a special place for you to easily find what you need.  All of the 100+ Spanish and English resources from our store are inside, along with a bilingual version wherever it is possible.

Are you an Elementary Spanish teacher tired of searching for the perfect lesson for your little learners?

It's Sunday night and you're digging around your house for props and visuals to grab the attention of your Kinders.  You don’t want to waste more time planning and prepping, you just want to do what you’re created to do. TEACH children!

You’re time is precious.  Isn't it worth just $1.09 per school day to have ALL the PreK and Kinder resources ready to print and waiting for you in one spot?

Are you desperate for bilingual resources?

I was too, and that is exactly how Arcoiris came to be.

Hola! I’m Jana, from Spanglish Schoolhouse, and bilingual homeschooling mom of 5. I’ve been teaching Preschool and Kindergarten children for almost two decades.  (Yes, I'm only 27, so you do the math.  hehe)

When we moved to Colombia, our children couldn't even communicate with their family members.  We needed to get serious about Spanish! 

We started out stumbling in Spanish because we didn't have the resources.  Fast forward four years, and now we are soaring!

The good news? You can access ALL of our Spanish, English, and Bilingual resources so your children can soar to biliteracy too.  


There are two payment options for Arcoiris: 

One-Time - $297

Having all the resources you need at your fingertips, without having to translate them yourself, is priceless.  For less than your weekly Starbucks coffee, you have lifetime access to Arcoiris!  

Monthly - $25

You know it's worth it, but would rather spread the payments out. No problem!  With the monthly plan, you will still get lifetime access to Arcoiris through 12 monthly payments of $25.  It's less than a trip to the movies! 



If you would like more support, I'm just an email away.  Arcoiris members get 24 hour email response time.  

Don't wait another day...All the English, Spanish, and Bilingual resources you need for your 4 - 6 year olds are waiting inside!

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