Peek Inside ~ Stories

The Stories section includes activity packs based on popular children's stories. 

Each pack includes a printable mini-book with video, and various literacy and math activities appropriate for children ages 4-6. 

For more details on exactly what is included in each pack, or to purchase the resources separately in our SSH Shop, click on the links below.

However, inside Arcoiris you get both languages AND a bonus bilingual version whenever available!  

The resources pictured above are currently included in the Story section of Arcoiris.  However, we have 10 more activity packs coming in each language, which will be a $130 value when complete!

Here is an overview of the stories and activity packs to come.  (See the Historia and Actividades column in the chart below.)

Want to enter our Stories Giveaway #3?

It's simple!  Just let us know which resource you would like to win. "This" or "That"?

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Winner will receive their choice of ONE resource.  Either the "La oruga hambrienta" or "Vamos a cazar un oso" Story Activity Pack. 

This Stories Giveaway #3 ends July 31, 2020, at 11:59 p.m CST.  Winner will be announced by email on August 1. 🎁

If you have already purchased this item through our SSH Shop between July 20 and August 1, you will receive your money back. 🥳

A Special Gift for you...

  • Mini-Libro “Una oruga hambrienta” ~ Mini-Book "One Hungry Caterpillar”

Children can make their book, then read along with the video.

La oruga hambrienta in Spanish:

One Hungry Caterpillar in English:

You will need:

  • One Hungry Caterpillar Mini-Book (Pages 27-28 from the Very Hungry Caterpillar Pack, but included in the Downloads section below)
  • Crayons or Markers in rainbow colors (red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple)
  • Hole punch

1.  Have your children practice "Rainbow Writing" the numbers.  It's a good idea to have the Number Writing Rhymes to refer to for this activity.  (Get your free version here in the VIP Library).

  • Say the number rhyme for zero, and have them use their finger to trace the zero in their book.
  • Now they will use rainbow colors to write it:
    • Red - Take a red colored pencil (or crayon or marker) and trace the zero. 
    • Orange - Take an orange colored pencil and trace the zero. 
    • Yellow - Take a yellow colored pencil and trace the zero. 
    • Green - Take a green colored pencil and trace the zero. 
    • Blue - Take a blue colored pencil and trace the zero. 
    • Purple - Take a purple colored pencil and trace the zero. 

Repeat the process for each of the numbers 1-5.

If all six colors are too much, just have them choose 3 colors to trace each number.

Note:  Your Preschool child will probably need to take a break here and finish the rest of the book later.

If the mini-book is not yet put together, cut on both lines so there are four pages.  Put them in order and staple them.

2.  Have your children finish coloring their book.

3. While they are coloring, you can show them the video.  Either scan the QR code from their mini-book, or watch it above.

4.  Now children will use a hole punch to make the correct number of holes in each leaf. 

5.  Finally, have them read the story (adding their own munching sound effects of course)!

Grab your own sample of our "One Hungry Caterpillar" mini-book! in English or Spanish in the Downloads section below.


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