Day 3 ~ Día 3

Day 3 in English ~ Día 3 en inglés

Day 3 in Spanish ~ Día 3 en español


After the video, try these extra activities for more Mama Llama week fun!

  • Huellas de llama ~ Llama Footprints

You will need:

  • A piece of construction paper (Let your child choose the color)
  • Paint (white or brown)
  • Paintbrush

1.  Have the paper ready, and write the child's name on the back if you making more than one footprint.

2.  Paint your child's left foot. 

(Since their foot seems to soak up the paint, I like to paint it all over first.  Then, go back and paint the toes quickly right before making the print.  You need to move fast before the paint dries.  Dry paint gets sticky and rips the paper.)

You can always make 2 or 3 prints and choose your favorite.  Give the others to Grandma, or neighbors that might appreciate a little Mother's Day love.

3.  Put the footprint on the paper, with the toes tilted to the right just a little.  This make is look like your llama is tilting it's head.

Set the footprint aside to dry, while you do the next activity.

  • Mi mamá ~ My Mom

You will need:

  • My Mom Printable (Page 5 of the Mama Llama Activity Pack)
  • Photo of mom (optional)

Note:  This is a part of the Mother's Day project, so make sure you save the page when your child finishes it.

1. Have your child draw a picture of their mom in the picture frame.  (Another option is printing a 2x2 photo of mom to glue in the picture frame.)

2.  If your child is not an independent writer, you can either:

- Ask the questions, and "dictate their answers."  This means writing down exactly what they say even if it is not grammatically correct.

- Ask the questions, and write down their answers on a dry erase board or scratch paper.  This is one step towards independence when they can write letters, but don't know how to spell words yet.

  • Terminar Huellas de llama ~ Finish Llama Footprints

Once your llama footprint is dry, you can go back and have your child paint the neck and ears.  It helps to show them a sample of what it should look like.

1.  The toes are like the fluffy fur on top of the llama's head.  Paint an ear on each side.

2.  Your llama has it's head tilted to the side just a little.  Paint the neck in the middle of the paper, and connect it to the foot.

You will make the shirt for your llama tomorrow, so the neck doesn't have to go all the way down.

Set aside your llama to dry completely, so it is ready for the next day.

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