Spanish Vocabulary Deluxe Bundle

Are you looking for the perfect thematic vocabulary resources?  This Spanish Vocabulary Deluxe Bundle includes hand picked resources just right for young learners.  You will have all the differentiation you’ll need to make everyone feel successful!

The best part is you'll have someone to walk you through planning your lessons and organizing your materials.  I guarantee it will feel amazing when you're done!



What’s included in each theme of this gigantic Spanish Vocabulary Deluxe Bundle resource?

1. Dictionary Pages

2. Flashcards

3. Pocket Chart Cards

4. Interactive Mini-Book with QR Code ‘Read Aloud’ Video 

5. Song Sheet with QR Code ‘Sing Along’ Video 

6. Word Work

7. Writing Prompts 

8. I Have, Who Has Game 

9. Bingo Game 


The vocabulary themes included are:

  • Family (Casual and Formal versions)
  • Food
  • Positional Words
  • Farm
  • Opposites
  • Clothing
  • Body Parts
  • Weather
  • Transportation
  • Feelings
  • Community Helpers
  • Pets
  • Zoo
  • House
  • Ocean (Coming Soon)


These resources were initially created to foster beginning reading and writing skills through thematic vocabulary for our Spanish Kindergarten students.  However, they are being used successfully with Toddlers through Adults!

Here's what other people are saying:

"So many great activities to use here! I only used this with younger students this time but the activities are very diverse so there's something there for older newcomers as well. I loved the QR code with the little reader. Great idea! It also helped them complete the activity more independently. Thanks!" ~ Kristin

"Love the details and quality of the cards. Everything is very organized, easy to sift through if needed."

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Grab your FREE Sample

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You can download the entire Los Colores Vocabulario pack for FREE.


Click that "View Teaser Module" button now...

Start Here

Quick links to download all 12 themes.

Step 1 - Plan

Step by step guide to planning your school year and lesson plans for each theme.

Step 2 - Organize your Materials

Take a peek at some possible ways to organize all your printables, so you will find them quickly and easily.  If you like cute labels, you're going to LOVE what's inside.


Step 3 - Prep Student Materials

  • How to Make a Picture Dictionary
  • How to Create a Song Book
  • How to Put Together Mini Books
  • Two options for Storing Mini Books (Coming soon)
  • Making Printables Reuseable (Coming soon)
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