Bilingual Song Bundle

Do you have children that refuse to speak Spanish?  🤐 Try getting them to sing instead.  hehe

This bundle of children's songs has been parent-tested and child-approved to have them singing and learning along...without the fight.

These three packs will be available separately in our SSH Shop, but you save over 25% with this bundle!

What's included in the Bilingual Song Bundle?

1) Traditional Spanish Song Book - $5

This pack features 18 Traditional Spanish Songs like "Arroz con leche, De colores, and Los Pollitos."

Traditional Songs Included:

  1. Arroz  con  leche
  2. Caballito  Blanco
  3. Debajo  un  botón
  4. De  Colores
  5. El  Chocolate
  6. Estaba  el  señor Don  Gato
  7. La  cucaracha
  8. La  Granja
  9. La  lechuza
  10. La  vaca  Lola
  11. Lindo  pescadito
  12. Los  Pollitos
  13. Naranja  Dulce
  14. Pimpón
  15. Sana  que  sana
  16. Sol  Solecito
  17. Tío  Mario
  18. Yo  tengo  una  casita

2) Children's Song Book in English - $6

This pack features 26 children's songs in English.  These are classics like "Wheels on the Bus, Old MacDonald, and Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes."

English Children's Songs included are:

  1. Apples and Bananas
  2. Bingo
  3. Eeney, Meeney Miney Moe
  4. Finger Family
  5. Five Green and Speckled Frogs
  6. Five Little Ducks
  7. Five Little Ladybugs
  8. Five Little Monkeys
  9. Head, Shoulders, Knees, and Toes
  10. Hey, Diddle, Diddle
  11. Hickory, Dickory, Dock
  12. If You’re Happy and You Know It
  13. I Have a Pet
  14. Mary Had a Little Lamb
  15. Old MacDonald
  16. One Elephant Went Out to Play
  17. Open Shut Them
  18. Put on Your Shoes
  19. Rain, Rain, Go Away
  20. Red Light, Green Light
  21. Slippery Fish
  22. This is the Way
  23. This Little Piggy
  24. The Muffin Man
  25. The Wheels on the Bus
  26. Twinkle, Twinkle, Little Star

3) Children's Song Book in Spanish - $6

This pack features the same songs in the English pack...but they are sung in Spanish of course!  

Spanish Children's Songs included are:

  1. Abre y cierra
  2. Bingo
  3. Cabeza, hombros, rodillas, y pies
  4. Cinco monitos
  5. Cinco ranitas
  6. Cinco patitos
  7. De esta forma
  8. De tin Marin de do pingüe
  9. El pastelero
  10. El viejo MacDonald
  11. Este cerdito
  12. Estrellita ¿dónde estás?
  13. Hickory Dickory Dock
  14. La familia dedo
  15. Las cinco mariquitas
  16. Las ruedas del autobús
  17. Lluvia, lluvia, vete ya
  18. María tiene un corderito
  19. Manzanas y bananas
  20. Ponte tus zapatos
  21. Rojo alto, verde avanza
  22. Si estás feliz
  23. Tengo una mascota
  24. Tirintintín, el gato y el violín
  25. Una sardina
  26. Un elefante se balanceaba

Are these Song Books Downloadable?

Yes!  You will get a downloadable pdf for each song book including:

  • Covers -  Spanish and English, Color and Black/White verisons 
  • Color version of all song pages
  • Black/white version of all song pages

See a sample of all three in the image below...

Choose the version that works best for you!  Pick and choose songs that go along with your themes, or print the whole book and learn them all!

What if I don’t know the tune to the songs?

That’s what the QR codes are for!  When scanned with any QR Code reader, they connect to a YouTube video created with SafeShare.  This means children are not able to see or access any recommended videos, or any other links in YouTube…ONLY the song chosen.  This is one of the only ways I have found to truly watch YouTube content in a “safe” way.

I'm a member of Pasitos Preschool or Arcoiris.  Do I have access to this?

Congratulations, that means you already have access to this bundle!  If you are signed into the VIP Area, the bundle should show up in your Product Area.

I've already purchased the Spanish Vocabulary Deluxe Bundle.  Do I have access to this?

14 of the songs are included in the Deluxe Bundle.  If you would like to purchase the rest of the songs with this bundle, send an email to and we will give you a discount coupon code.

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