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Pasitos is a complete Spanish Preschool curriculum, and will provide all you need to prepare your child for Kindergarten.

*Note* If you want a complete English PreK curriculum, the only thing you need to supplement are alphabet activities in English. 

The Pasitos lesson plans are divided into three sections:

  • Calendar Time - math skills
  • Story Time - story-based literacy and art activities
  • Alphabet Time {optional} - Spanish pre-reading skills

  • Bible Time - {Available Add-on} chronological overview of the Old Testament integrating art, cooking, and movement

The Pasitos Lesson Plans come in two versions.

  • Basic - Each page of the basic plan includes a week of Calendar and Story Time, with room on the bottom for making notes.  This version is great for a basic Preschool math and literacy program.

If you have limited time for Preschool, but want to make sure your children are ready for Kindergarten, these are the perfect plans for you.

  • Abecedario - This version includes Calendar, Story Time, and the Alfa Animales Abecedario lesson plans.  The last row is blank.  You can use this area to write in your own notes, etc.

If getting a strong pre-reading foundation in Spanish is a top priority, then choose the Abecedario plans.  You can read more about the Abecedario program here.

Note:  The Abecedario and El Camino programs also come with their own printable lesson plans. 

Why all the options?

It's simple.  No two families are the same, and no two seasons of life are the same. 

If you are just starting Home Preschool with your oldest child and want to fill your schedule with learning activities, your day will look very different than a veteran homeschool mom of many wanting just a short, special learning time with their Preschooler every day.

We designed Pasitos with your flexibility in mind, and would love to help you choose the perfect path for your family in your current season.

Want more details about each section?  No problem!

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