Pasitos Platform

How is Pasitos set up?

Pasitos is hosted in the VIP Area of our Spanglish Schoolhouse website.  (If you are reading this now, that means you're here!  hehe)

Pasitos is broken down into smaller sections, to keep things organized.

Here are the sections included:

Start Here - Here we will walk you through the lesson plans, how they work, and what you need to get ready for the 4 subject areas of Pasitos.

Let's Chat - This is the place for us to "chat" a little deeper.  For those of you who want ALL the details, we will take a deep dive into different topics like Math Mats, Calendar Time, and more.  You can also find out how to connect with myself and other Pasitos users.

    Units 1-16 - There is a separate module for each unit of the Pasitos curriculum.  Each unit includes lesson plans and instructions for two full weeks of Preschool.  

    On a desktop, you can see the sections listed off to the right.

    On a mobile device, you can scroll down to see the list of sections. 

    When you click on a section, you will see a list of lessons.

    (On a desktop, you can see the lessons listed off to the right.  On a mobile device, you can scroll down to see the list of lessons.)

    The lessons correspond to the different subject areas of Pasitos.  For example, Alphabet 2 has all of the Abecedario information for Unit 2.

    When you go into the lesson, you will find all of the instructions, materials needed, and any other information needed to teach that section. 

    These are organized by Day and activity just like on the printable lesson plans.

    Is there a printable version of all of the instructions?

    Not yet.  We are looking into the possibility of making a giant printable collection of Pasitos.

    However, the lesson plans and supply lists are in a printable format.  

    Do you have any questions about the Pasitos Platform? 

    Let me know in the comments below.


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