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One of the most important ways Preschool children develop math skills is through play.  Just like with reading, rushing into math facts is a great way to burn out your little one.

Instead, give children LOTS of opportunity to play with or "manipulate" objects through sorting, counting, and making patterns.

What skills are covered during Calendar Time?

These are the top 10 math goals for your Preschool child to reach by the end of the year:

  • Count unassisted to 30
  • Identify numbers to 20
  • Count with one-to-one correspondence to 10
  • Write numbers using proper form (1-10 only)
  • Recognize colors
  • Identify basic shapes
  • Sort by color, shape, and size
  • Identify, extend, and create patterns
  • Name days of the week
  • Name months of the year

Are you ready for the good news?  The lesson plans in our Calendar section will do all the hard work.  Even if they seem simple, the songs and hands-on activities in this section will easily help your children master these skills!

How does Calendar Time work?

In Pasitos, we call math time "Calendar Time" because it starts with a quick skill review using a calendar. 

Besides the Calendar Notebook your child will be making in Unit 2, most of the math activities include playing hands-on games, puzzles, and using math manipulatives.

Here are the various resources included in the Calendar section of Pasitos.

You can purchase them separately in our store in English or Spanish.  However, inside Pasitos you get both languages AND a bonus bilingual version when possible!

Do you have any questions about Calendar Time in Pasitos?

Let me know in the comments below.


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