Day 1 ~ Día 1

Day 1 in English ~ Día 1 en inglés

Day 1 in Spanish ~ Día 1 en español


After the video, try these extra activities for more Mama Llama fun!

  • Mi mamá y yo ~ My Mom and I

You will need:

  • My Mom and I Page (From page 4 of the Mama Llama Activity Pack)

Say "We are making a special book you can give to your mom.  On this page, I want you to take your time and do the very best drawing you can of you and your mom."

    • Rompecabezas de mamás y bebés ~ Animal Mom and Baby Puzzles


    • Animal Mom and Baby Puzzle Printable (Choose from pages 16-17 or 18-19 of the Mama Llama Activity Pack)

    1. Cut out the puzzles pieces.

    2.  Spread out all of the mama pieces (the right pieces), and put the baby pieces (the left pieces) in a pile.

    3.  Have your child take a baby from the pile, and find the mama that matches.  (Practice saying the name of each animal as you match them.)

    4. Keep choosing and matching until all of the animal babies have found their moms.

    Note:  For a non-print option, you could go around your house looking for toy or stuffed animal mom and babies.  Let your children figure out how to sort and organize them so that the pairs are together.  Do a little research to see what "official" mom and baby names you have. 

    For example, did you know a baby owl is called an "owlet?"

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