Day 4 ~ Día 4

Day 4 in English ~ Día 4 en inglés

Day 4 in Spanish ~ Día 4 en español


After the video, try these extra activities for more Mama Llama week fun!

  • Huellas de llama ~ Llama Footprints


You will need:

  • Construction paper (Let your child choose the color for their shirt)
  • Scissors
  • Glue
  • Markers

1.  Hold the paper rectangle in a horizontal position.  Cut off the top two corners, then cut off the sharp points to make them round.

2.  Flip over the rectangle, so the rounded corners are on the bottom.  Make two diagonal cuts right in the middle to make a little mountain.

3.  Put glue on the back of the llama's shirt.  Center it so that the V-neck is right in the middle of the llama's neck.  Make sure the paper is even with the bottom edge of your paper.

4.  Use markers to draw your llama's face. 

5.  At the top of the page, your child can write "Love, (Their Name)."  

Note:  This is a part of the Mother's Day project, so make sure you save the page when your child finishes it.

  • Mi mamá ~ My Mama

You will need:

  • My Mama Printable (Page 8 of the Mama Llama Activity Pack)
  • Photo of mom (optional)

Note:  This is a part of the Mother's Day project, so make sure you save the page when your child finishes it.

This is like an interview, and the answers will be precious!!  Moms love to see their children's writing, and remember the words they used when they were young.  It will be a treasured memory. 🥰

1.  If your child is not an independent writer, you can either:

- Ask the questions, and "dictate their answers."  This means writing down exactly what they say even if it is not grammatically correct.

- Ask the questions, and write down their answers on a dry erase board or scratch paper.  This is one step towards independence when they can write letters, but don't know how to spell words yet.

2.  Once their interview is complete, have them color the llama in the corner.

  • Punticos de llama ~ Llama Punch Print

You will need:

  • Llama punch print page (Page 14 of the Mama Llama Activity Pack)
  • Construction paper
  • Stapler
  • Push pin or sharp pencil

Here's a video explanation from my crew using the dinosaur punch print. hehe

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