Manitos {Lifetime Bilingual Bundle}

Ready to take your child's Home Preschool time from hot mess to sweet success?

How would it feel...

✔️  To have a child that thinks Preschool with Mom is the most fun thing ever

✔️  To have all the supplies you need for a month of amazing Preschool activities gathered right there on your shelf

✔️  To feel at ease and confident that your Preschooler is thriving

✔️  To give your child the extra gift of learning a second language at such a young age

✔️  To cross Preschool Mama guilt off your list for good this year!!

Guess what, this is really happening for Manitos parents all over the world!

Whether life's circumstances have suddenly forced you into the world of Home Preschool, or homeschooling your Preschooler has always been on your radar...we can help you!

Introducing Manitos Virtual Preschool

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Here's how it works.

  • No scouring the internet for hands-on activities anymore!  We have a seasonal science theme all planned out and ready for your child to delight in learning about each month.

  • In just four easy steps, we will guide you through making copies and gathering supplies.

  • When it's time for Home Preschool, just "press play" for access to video lessons from a veteran Preschool teacher delivered right to your own living room.

  • Follow up with a developmentally appropriate activity every school time.  You will not waste another minute of your time with Pinterest fails.

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Although the activities were created with Preschool children in mind, I guarantee your 2-6 year olds will not be able to resist the fun.  hehe

What's included in each month of Virtual Preschool?

  • 5 Virtual Preschool Videos in Spanish and English

Just press play and start learning!  Miss Jana has two decades of experience working with Preschool and Kindergarten children, and knows what works.  Songs and stories capture children's attention, and interactive games and lessons keep them engaged and moving.  Each video rotates between Table Cam for a hands on activity, and Teacher Cam for some circle time fun.

Videos average 30 minutes, giving you time to take a breath and drink that cup of coffee. 

Check out the sample day here, to see the video format.

The best part is each video lesson is available in Spanish and English!  In the Spanish videos, Miss Jana is wearing a black shirt.  In the English videos, she is wearing a green shirt.  This is to give children a visual to help them distinguish between the two languages.

  • "Papelitos" Art Video in Spanish and English

Children love Papelitos, where "little hands make big paper creations."  The videos are paced so that your Preschool children can make their project right along with the video.  They will be so proud of their new independence!

These videos are also perfect for language learners because they are done Dora and Diego style.  Children will learn shapes, colors, and new vocabulary while gaining confidence to complete an art project in either language!

  • Activity Pack in Spanish and English

The activity packs are a collection of literacy, math, science, and art activities just right for Preschool children.  Every activity comes with materials, instructions, and printables in both English and Spanish. 

  • Lesson Plan Pack

The Lesson Plan pack includes a lesson plan grid with the videos and activities listed.  Use one of the sample schedules to plan your Virtual Preschool time, or you can use the grid as a checklist and mark off activities as you complete them throughout the month.  A printable supply list will keep you organized, as you gather everything you need.

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"What do I do with my child for the rest of the day?"

Choose from the bonus resources!

  •  #1 Dramatic Play Packs - $120 value

What do you do with your children for the rest of the day?  Set up some dramatic play!

You will have access to a new dramatic play pack every month that encourages pretend play around the same themes your children have been exploring in Virtual Preschool. 

For example, the Apple theme comes with an Apple Farm Dramatic Play pack.  Children can pick apples in their pretend orchard by the bag or the basket.  They can make pretend treats, and set up a Snack Bar full of apple goodies.

  • #2  Bonus Seasonal Extras - $96 value

In the bonus section you will find:

    • Seasonal Happy Poems - A pack for each season including Poetry Pages, Interactive Mini-Books with QR Codes, and Pocket Chart cards
    • Seasonal Snap Cubes - A pack for season including multi-level task cards for children to create seasonal objects out of snap cubes.

If you were to buy all of the resources included in our SSH Shop, it would look like this:

You currently get access to $480 worth of resources,

plus videos and lesson plans putting it all together

at a great discount!

Join now for $290

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