Bible Time ~ Biblia

If you would like add a special Bible Time to your Preschool day, we have just the thing!

Learn more about El Camino {Old Testament} HERE

El Camino {Old Testament} is a Bilingual Preschool Bible Curriculum, exploring God's word in a hands-on way.  There are 34 weeks of lesson plans in El Camino, just like in Pasitos PreK, making it easy to stay on track.

Note:  El Camino is a supplemental curriculum, purchased separately from Pasitos.  However, we have included direct links to the corresponding week, which look like this inside Pasitos. 

If you have purchased access to El Camino, the link will take you directly to the lesson.

El Camino is designed to give children an overview of the Old Testament using art, cooking, and movement for a multi-sensory experience.

Children will create their own rhyming Bible Storybook to read and remember the 34 Old Testament stories.  The Bible references are included at the bottom of each page.

Here's is a sample from the Bible Storybook:

The goal during bible time is for children to:

  • gain a deeper understanding of God's love
  • recognize that every story in the Bible reflects Jesus
  • have a basic understanding of the stories discussed
  • begin to recognize the names of Bible characters in Spanish
  • learn some children's Bible songs in Spanish

Note:  We are excited to say that El Camino {New Testament} is in the works!

We are testing it out in our own homeschool this year, and plan to release it in Summer of 2023.

Do you have any questions about Bible Time in Pasitos? 

Let us know in the comments below.


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